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What is RET?

RET simply stands for Real Estate Titans. We are smart Real Estate Consultants with the right marketing tools and know-how in selling of real estate products.

How do I become a RET member?

You can become a Real Estate Titan by registering using the link of your invitee. Should you didn’t have an invitee and you stumbled on this page, simply click here and send us a message using the form there.

How much am I capable of earning under RET?

It solely depends on your commitment and dedication to marketing our available properties. You earn as much as 15-20% commission on every sale and 2-5% commission from sales of your down-lines.

Selling a 5 million property will earn you N750,000. Doing 2 of this monthly is N1.5 million in a month. So the ball is in your court.

I've not sold properties before, is there a guide or any help?

Upon registering as a Real Estate Titan, we will give you the basic tutorial on WHAT NEXT you need to do to begin, we also add you to our official WhatsApp group (where we discuss strictly about our properties only). Aside from that we organise regular training and webinar that will boost your marketing skills and knowledge on how to sell our properties.

It’s advisable you make yourself available for training so as to achieve your goals and purpose of becoming a RET.

How do I get to see the properties we are marketing?

We organise inspections for all the Titans so as to get knowledge of what they are selling. It is very paramount to know your product as an Entrepreneur as this will make selling it easier for you.

Inspection tour dates will be communicated to all Titans prior the date with regular follow up. VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t miss inspections!

Other Questions

How do I invite other people to join RET?

Upon registering as a RET, a confirmation mail will be send to you, therein you will see your invitation link. It is that link you will send to your prospective member to join RET and become your downline.

Once your downline make a sale, you earn some % commission.When your Downline’s downline make a sale, you also earn % commission.

So start inviting serious minded people to join your team now.

What is the cost of becoming a RET?

For now, it’s totally FREE, but we are coming up with the RET KIT very soon, which will consist of 2 RET T shirts, ID card, RET Manual and Pen. The RET KIT will cost a token and will differentiate the serious consultants from the un-serious ones soonest.

I have property for sale. How can I bring it on RET?

We sell Estates Lands and Houses. We don’t just sell anyhow properties. Also, your property should have a good title. You can send us a message via our contact page here

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